Building and launching a start-up is a hard business, so it’s good to have a few friends in your corner. Eight Wire has reached the point where our product is stable and being used by some of New Zealand’s most respected companies, so customer acquisition is now a major priority.

This in mind, we are happy to announce a partnership with WalkerScott, a trans-Tasman technology services firm. Their customers include some of New Zealand and Australia’s most iconic brands such as Icebreaker, Comvita, Snack Brands, and Fletcher Challenge. This partnership is based around shared values of improving business IT systems, reducing the effort needed to deliver solutions, and thinking outside the box.

For Eight Wire, we have gained a software reseller that believes in what we are doing and can provide the support and feedback that a start-up needs. We will be moving in with WalkerScott on Kent Terrace in Wellington so we can work closely through marketing and development initiatives. We are working with a partner that supports our growth and is providing us with access to some of New Zealand and Australia’s most respected and well-known brands. We are already using Conductor to provide rapid database integration for some key clients and can see how our customers actually use our site in anger.

For WalkerScott, they will be able to deliver Business Intelligence and data integration projects faster and more flexibly than their competitors. We are already working together with one of their key clients to see if we can build an AWS Redshift ETL process in under a day.

Yes, a day to build a fully functioning ETL into the cloud. Additionally, WalkerScott will be able to add additional value to their customers through using Conductor to support and speed up development tasks. With WalkerScott’s portfolio of construction, manufacturing, and FMCG clients, they will be able to offer a value proposition that cannot be met by their competitors. We are looking forward to the future and are excited to continue our growth with a company that shares our views on business, technology, and innovation.


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