We are all very grateful to be selected as the Microsoft BisSpark Featured Startup for today. There is so much potential for Eight Wire to work with Microsoft’s technology, especially Microsoft Azure and SQL Server. As a startup building cloud-based applications, BizSpark has been instrumental in allowing us to scale and prove our technology with the support of Microsoft.

For those of you new to Eight Wire, we have built Conductor, a data integration platform that automates the majority of the effort required to move data between systems. For example, Azure customers can migrate on-premises databases, spreadsheets, and data files to Azure VMs within minutes without needing any specific coding skills. Coming soon, Conductor will be able to push data into HDInsight and other Hadoop clusters using a clean, simple UI that does not require specific coding experience.

Conductor can migrate or integrate millions of rows of data through a simple four-step process that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. For transforming data, all that is needed is a SQL SELECT statement. Conductor looks at the source data, compares it to the destination data and automatically maps them together. It can also automatically fix data errors while moving data between systems, saving customers from preventable outages.

How did this all start?

Eight Wire was founded by two business intelligence consultants that were frustrated with traditional integration tools and methods. We decided to build the platform that our clients needed to manage their IT systems. We drew up a list of pain points such as difficulty translating between databases, flexibly handling data errors, and having to build every solution from scratch. After undertaking a market verification process, we started building Conductor and began working with retail, manufacturing and health care customers. Our early customers have reduced their integration project effort by 80% and we have saved them from thousands of data errors.

Contact us to answer any questions you may have

Our customers have been able to reduce their integration effort by 80% thanks to using Conductor. For any questions, feel free to get in touch at heya@eight-wire.com


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