Less than a year ago, we chucked in our day jobs to focus on what would become Eight Wire. We were focused on automating data integration and saving our customers from the pain we experienced as IT consultants, and that hasn’t changed. Little did we know, in less than a year, we would be partnering with the world’s largest IT companies, delivering projects months ahead of schedule, and moving into new markets.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we are entering the US market through a dedicated service for our American customers. Hosted on Softlayer, we can now bring the features that we have been working with our Kiwi customers for the last year to the US. We are supported in the US by our partner HUGEData to deliver a local face for our customers. Most importantly, we take data sovereignty very seriously, so we insure that our North American customers’ data stays over there, and our New Zealand customers’ data stays in NZ.

In the near future, we will continue in the tradition of Kiwi companies by boarding NZ 8  to San Francisco, Dallas, and beyond. We are all optimistic for the future in the US and are looking forward to growing with our customers in the USA.


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