Recently, one of our business partners in the US asked “How is Eight Wire different from SnapLogic? To me, you both look the same: cloud and on-premise data integration software” While it is great for a growing technology company to be compared to our more mature peers,this question really defines the difference between two generations of software.

SnapLogic was founded in 2006 as an independent data integration startup. Guarav Dillon, ex-Informatica CEO, has raised a small mountain of cash to field a software package that can be used to move data between on-premise and cloud storage systems and some applications such as Despite being under 10 years old, the approach to data integration is essentially the same IT-centric method that has been used since the 90’s.

Conversely, Eight Wire was founded in 2013 to specifically address the challenges that make data integration unproductive. Rather than churn out another tool to move data, we looked at the business challenges to manage data and built Conductor to address those challenges simply and efficiently. We test Conductor with both IT and business people so customers can accomplish tasks with a speed and reliability that wasn’t possible before.

Every generation wants to rebel against the previous one, and Eight Wire is no different. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t over the years, and have built our software to deliver value that isn’t possible through legacy applications. The kicker is that we are still trying to get out of the shadow of the previous generation.

We asked consultants who are familiar with both tools to do a rough comparison between SnapLogic and Eight Wire. From a distance, SnapLogic and Eight Wire look similar:

Feature SnapLogic Eight Wire
Move relational data between databases and files. Yep Yep
Exchange data with Cloud. Yep Yep, we call that Ground-to-cloud
Move data into Hadoop. Yep Yep
Move data into Redshift. Yep Yep
Payment options include monthly and metered operational or CapEx Yep Yep
Integrate with applications. Yep Not yet, but stay tuned


The similarities end pretty quickly. By building a product around our customers (instead of vice versa), Eight Wire differentiates itself through specific features that allow our customers to run faster and more agile than ever before.

Feature SnapLogic Eight Wire
Automatically map source to target data. Nope, gotta build them from scratch with a lot of expensive, risky development. Yep
Automatically convert and fix common data errors without crashing. Not even. Yep, piece of cake.
Customers can build
analytics on metadata and
No Way, that’s going to take a lot of time, expertise, and money. You betcha.
Automatically map and move thousands of tables at once. No way, that will take wheelbarrow loads of cash to fund. Does it every day.
Move information between countries as easily as to the next cubicle. Nay. Yep, we call that Cloud-to-Ground.
Integration with information governance and ETL
metadata stores.
Nope. Watch this space, coming soon.*

*We don’t require customers to replace existing enterprise ETL tools. We can leverage those tools and, at the same time, perhaps decrease growth in both footprint and cost while extending their coverage within the organization. Sound too good to be true?

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