Wellington-based data management company Eight Wire Ltd has signed CodeBlue NZ as the latest reseller of its automated data integration tool, Conductor. A partnership designed to cut through complications and make life easier for customers.

Brent White, General Manager of CodeBlue says he likes the ease of the product “Conductor is just simple. We can understand it and so can our customers”

CodeBlue is wary of creating overly complicated solutions for their customers, a common mistake in their industry. “If there is one solution, and it works, then we will use it. We don’t want to be creating new solutions for every need,” says White. Becoming a Conductor reseller means that CodeBlue can now focus on what they do best, without worrying over reporting errors, and system crashes.

Phil Martin, Sales and Alliances Director for Eight Wire, says Conductor is built for the job. “If you or you’re customers are doing any sort of data integration, this product makes your life so much easier. Conductor seamlessly integrates data through a simple four-step process that doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The cost savings are obvious, the pain of data integration is all but gone.”

This partnership makes the ease of Conductor more accessable. “CodeBlue’s national coverage of the New Zealand market is of course a great base for our product. Their IT support services integrated with Conductor will be very attractive for customers” says Martin.

About Eight Wire Ltd

Eight Wire Ltd is a New Zealand-based data management SaaS company. They provide solutions that automate data migration and replace the need for firms to hire developers to work with manual integration tools. Eight Wire Ltd has expanded from its base in Wellington, New Zealand, to have sales and support operations in the US and the UK.

About CodeBlue NZ

CodeBlue was established in 2004 to provide mid-sized New Zealand organisations and companies with access to the sophisticated, enterprise-level IT services, support, benefits and cost savings available to larger organisations. They are now the largest nationwide IT services company serving mid-sized companies and organisations in the 20-300 seat space.

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Phil Martin
Sales and Alliances Director
Eight Wire Ltd
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Email: phil@eight-wire.com



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