We have all heard the nightmare tales of the failed IT project. No-one planned for the project to fail, but it did, and usually at the cost of someone’s job, reputation or at great taxpayer’s expenses. But on the upside, at least some American corporate that pays limited tax in Luxembourg hit their Q4 double digit growth target for net new software licenses, phew!!

Having spent recent months speaking to many people involved (mainly around Wellington, NZ) in integration projects, I have picked up on a growing unease from the client to be ‘lumped’ with the responsibility of getting their data to the new system. As someone from a Government department put it, “it was like getting a plumber to fit a new state-of-the-art shower without plumbing it in – oh you want hot water, you’ll have to connect that yourself.”

The push back from resellers on the migration component of projects is understandable – it’s risky. The client believes their data quality is excellent, they under estimate how many systems need consolidating, there’s a minefield of potential stress points on the relationship.

So is fixed price migration possible? Well yes, at Eight Wire we believe it is. Here’s the plug, our tool Conductor, de-risks migration/integration projects. By providing a point-and-click interface, substantial volumes of complex data can be shifted easily, and processes replicated simply. Business rules are applied during the data transfer process. Rules are built through a simple web interface and don’t require coding knowledge and we’ve avoided workflows! The tool is priced on a consumption SaaS model, so if you (or your reseller) know how much data you have to move, it is easy to give you a price – 20,000,000 million rows – ok that’s US$1550. Yes, I understand there’s professional services to be added, but with Conductor, risk premiums can be dramatically reduced making fixed price a real possibility.

Over simplification, possibly, and yes ultimately anyone can offer a fixed price, if you price high enough (!), but will they ever win another piece of work? Pushing back on the clients to migrate their own data, is becoming less acceptable, they are data generators and data users not data experts. So, something needs to change…


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