Conductor has two new connectors. DocumentDB and PureData for Analytics (formerly known as Netezza).

It feels a little like we’ve hit both ends of the spectrum with this one. PureData being the older, level headed kid in the playground who loves stats class, and DocumentDB the wise-cracking new guy, playing games on his smartphone.

Now both of these platforms can be migrated to and from using Conductor, quickly and easily. We thought it was worth taking a look at how these connectors could be used.


PureData tends to be favoured by companies that work with huge volumes of data everyday to produce analytics.

The PureData Connector will be extremely useful for a number of situations that are becoming more and more common. Moving operations from PureData to Redshift for example, or adding more systems to PureData without requiring any hand coding. It will also come in handy for any company looking to make PureData cloud-ready by consolidating all their data there.

Until now, if you wanted to move things to or from PureData you had two options. Firstly you could hand code a solution yourself, a time consuming and expensive process. Or you could use IBM Datastage; a big, complicated, expensive solution, which is probably above and beyond what you actually need. For both solutions, testing the data would add another 50% to the time and money needed to deliver the solution.

Now data migration with PureData is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Microsoft DocumentDB is the latest NoSQL platform to enter the market. Often used by mobile apps and games, DocumentDB scales to hold millions of records that are accessed via HTTP. It’s basically a NoSQL document database useful for scaling modern applications that run on the cloud.

This Connector solves a problem for companies that need to move large chunks of data collected in DocumentDB to another application, e.g. for reporting. Again, integrating with DocumentDB is usually done by hand coding your own solution. With Conductor, key-value pair data can be moved into relational tables without any coding required.

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