A Conductor account can be used by many users. You can treat it like an organisation with many employees, so any settings you change here will affect everyone within the account.

Account Detail

Name – Name of your account, eg. your company name.

Description – Description of your account eg. description of your company

Contact Details

Contact Phone – phone number to contact if we need to discuss your account

Contact postal address – When we need to contact you with physical mail

Contact Email – Email to contact when we need to discuss your account

Notification Email – Notifications will be sent to this email about certain events occurring such as when a process has failed to execute properly

Notification Mode – What kind of batch notifications you want to receive.


You can view your balance, change your billing address and billing email.

Billing Address – If we need to send invoices to you with physical mail then you need to provide it here

Billing Email – If we need to send invoices to you with email

Time Zone

You can change your timezone here. This will affect all the times you see in this website, and when your scheduled Processes run. You can also see the current time for the selected time zone.

API Keys

You can get your API keys here. API keys are always free, although to use them you need an active subscription. You can regenerate keys as many times as you want, but new keys will replace the old keys permanently and is not reversible (if you have the old key written down somewhere then an almighty Eight-Wire administrator will be able to revive the replaced old key).

Read – You can only call the GET methods when using the read key.

Read+Write – Includes GET and POST(But not all) methods.

Read+Write+Execute – Includes GET and all POST methods but also certain POST methods that execute processes and process groups.

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