Customer Management

If you’re a a Conductor reseller that means you have the privilege to manage your customers. To manage a specific account, just click on an account in the list of customer accounts then management buttons will appear on the right side.

You can view the usage stats of any customer, and impersonate them by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen. You’ll see exactly what they see, so you can provide quality customer service.

Adding a Customer


You can manually create customer accounts by clicking on the blue +New button. After creating an account, you need to create users for them so they are able to log in.


You can automatically create customer accounts by embedding the Customer Signup Form in your website. Customers who signup through your website using the iframe form will automatically sign up under your Conductor account, and user details will be created for them.

Impersonating a Customer

When you impersonate a customer, you are effectively logging into their account. You will be able to see what they see, do anything that they can do and it will be applied to their account, not yours. For example, if you impersonate an account and create a Process, then they will be able to see the newly created process in their Processes page. Impersonating is very useful for setting up new customers and solving their problems.

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