What is a Data Store?

Conductor refers to all of your databases as Data Stores. You can define everything about a Data Store from what type of database it is, to where Conductor can find it. Conductor supports a large range of databases including Relational(SQL, MySQL, Oracle etc.), NoSQL(Cloudant) and file(CSV, XLSX).

Create or Modify a Data Store

Editing a Data Store and creating a Data Store are both done using this same set of screens.

You can define where the Data Store is, what kind of Data Store it is, and whether or not it uses an agent from the tabs at the top. To delete the Data Store, hit the red button at the bottom of the page. If you’re having problems, or are receiving an error message that you need help with. Please click on the chat icon for some help. For specific help with Agents, try the Agent help section.


We want to know whether or not we need to go through firewalls. If your data is on an internal network, chances are there will be firewalls in the way. If that’s the case you will definitely need an agent. If your data is on the cloud, you won’t require an agent, but we will adjust the options you can choose from below, as some data store types are cloud only and some agent only.


Select the type of database where your data is located (source) or where you want it be moved to (destination.)

The Data Store types that are listed are affected by the location you have chosen (internal network or cloud.) If the type of Data Store you want to move is not listed, it may be because you’ve chosen the wrong location. If you’re looking for a Data Store type that Conductor doesn’t integrate with, feel free to get in touch to suggest an new type of Connector.


An Agent allows Conductor to move data from behind a firewall. For more information or help with Agents try the Agent Help Page (insert link).


We need to know exactly where your data is. The information we need will vary depending on the type of Data Store you’ve chosen.

You need to test the connection to make sure Conductor can find your data. If you’re still having problems connecting please get in touch using the chat icon at the bottom left of the page.


A query is a request for information from a database. Within Conductor, you can request specific data from your Data Store using a query, and move only what you want.
You can enter any query that works within your database normally.

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