Edit Process Group

Process Groups are convenient containers to group processes under. Process groups also provide scheduling and execution sequencing for when you want to run several processes together.

Side Bar

On the side bar, you can perform a numbers of actions:

Execute: execute all processes in the the Process Group
Duplicate: Make a copy of the entire process group and all processes in it
Delete: Permanently delete the entire process group and all processes in it.


When you execute a process group, all of the processes within it will be executed. You can choose whether these can be all run at the same time or whether they should be run one-after-the-other in the order they have been arranged on the Processes page.


If you wish to execute the process group on a schedule, this is done by adding one or more schedules to the process group. Schedules can be set to run once only, or on a recurring basis. To add a schedule, click the ‘+ New’ button under the schedules list. To edit an existing schedule, click on it.


Here, you can see a list of all processes in this group. To re-order them, go back to the Processes page first.

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