Creating New Processes

From – To

On this page you choose a data store in both the From and the To columns. The store chosen in the From column will be the source, while the store chosen in the To column will be the destination. If you choose an untitled store the options under this name will be given on the next page.


The Objects are the files or tables within a Data Store. Select all the objects you want Conductor to move, whether that be all, or one.


Conductor automatically maps the Source Objects you’ve selected with Objects in the Destination Data Store, and creates new ones if it can’t find a match.

While creating a process, a user can manually edit the automatic mapping. This is useful if certain information needs to merge with a new Destination, or the Source and the Destination information don’t quite match.


On this page the various options for your process are displayed. On the left side under Tolerate are various options that you can allow or not allow, hold your mouse over the option to see a description of what it entails and click on the word to deselect or reselect it.

On the right side the column matching threshold gives you various levels of tolerance with the data being merged, click on the various options to see their descriptions. Towards Min is for more flexible data and allows for truncation or uncertainly while towards Max is unchanging or rarely changing data that requires the closest matches and the smallest amount of uncertainly.

On the bottom left there are three options under Default destination action. This allows you to decide how duplicates in the Destination Data Store are dealt with: Merge, overwrite or append.


When a process is finished this means it is built but not yet executed. You now have a number of options. You can execute the process immediately, preview the output or schedule it for some time in the future.

If you decide to execute immediately, make sure you check the detailed results of the Process in the Process History.

If you want to ensure the Process has been set up correctly, you can preview the output.

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