The processes page is where you can begin new processes and also manage, organize and delete old ones.

A Process determines when, where and how you want to move your data. It is tells Conductor what to map and where to map it.

Manage Your Processes

The Processes page is where you can organize your processes.

Process Groups

Processes are arranged under Process Groups. You can move processes from one group to another or change their order simply by dragging them with your mouse.

If you wish to execute processes on a schedule, this is done by scheduling a process group to execute all of its processes on a given day and/or time. If a process group has one or more schedules in place, a small clock icon will show next to it.

Click on a process group to edit it.


Processes can be selected by checking the checkbox to the right or by clicking the ‘select’ button to select all processes in a group. All selected processes can then be either executed or deleted by clicking the appropriate buttons.

The order the processes appear on the screen is the order they will be executed in. Processes can be re-sorted into alphabetical order by clicking the ‘Sort’ button on each group. If there are more than 10 processes in a group, you will see a ‘more’ placeholder – click on this to show the rest of the processes in this group.

You can tell the last execution status of a process by its icon.

Blue tick

The process ran successfully.

The process ran successfully but warnings were raised about something that happened, such as the discovery of bad data.

red x

The process failed and you should check the history of this process to learn why.
red flag

In rare instances this icon will show – this indicates a problem with Conductor itself or something unexpected that Conductor couldn’t deal with.

To view the process history, first click on the process to edit it, then click the ‘History’ button.

Click on a process to edit it. Or to create a new process, expand the process group you wish to add it to and click the + New Process button.

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