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You can create a new account from this page. This will sign you up for a free trial. If at the end of the free trial you want to transition to a paid account, just get in touch.


Conductor is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Standard pricing is based upon the
number of rows of data moved per month, and billing happens monthly in arrears. Full pricing can be found here. If you are purchasing Conductor through a reseller, your pricing may vary.

Moving your first lot of data

The basic steps of moving data within Conductor are as follows.

  1. Create a Project – to sort your work streams and processes
  2. Create a ‘source’ Data Store – where you want you data to come from
  3. Create a ‘destination’ Data Store – where you want your data to end up
  4. Build Processes that connect objects from your two data stores
  5. Execute the Process

These steps always happen in the same order, but will differ slightly depending on the type of data stores you have (SQL, NoSQL, Files etc).

The different entities in Conductor are structured as follows:


The pages in Conductor are arranged around these entities. For example, if you click into a project, you will be able to access the data stores used in that project. If you click into a process group, you will be able to see the processes that belong to that process group.

It is important to note that Agents belong to an account and not to a project, although they can be used within projects to allow Conductor to talk to your data stores. This is because only one agent can be installed per computer and therefore more than one project may require the services of the same agent.

As you go deeper into Conductor, the left-hand navigation will change accordingly. You will always be able to get back to the dashboard by click the ‘Dashboard’ icon at the top left of your screen, no matter where in the system you find yourself.

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