Australian based systems integrator Nexright is the newest to join Eight Wire’s global network of partners.

The company, which specialises in “harnessing disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Infrastructure and Security” is perfectly placed to be a partner for Eight Wire. “As a highly respected, experienced company, that still manages to be at the forefront of innovation, we see real compatibility between the way they work and our tool,” says Phil Martin, Sales and Alliances director here at Eight Wire.

In a state of continued global expansion, Eight Wire is always looking for high quality partners to work with. Australia is one main area of focus at the moment, and Nexright provides an excellent platform for Conductor in the country.

Providing strategy and consulting services to companies in banking, insurance, retail and government, Nexright help organisations take advantage of disruptive technologies, making the move to cloud easy and secure. “Digital innovation and two-speed IT requires delivery of data consistently across digital and mobile applications, supporting the speed at which business demands data for innovation and improving customer insights across all channels,” says Director at Nexright Dilip Mohapatra, “Cloud provides the right foundation necessary for such speed and innovation.”

That’s why, Dilip believes, Conductor is the perfect addition to their stable of tools. “As more and more workload moves to cloud, Conductor is really useful in moving this data in a secure and cost effective way.”

Phil agrees, “Conductor is the right tool to add value where Nexright’s customers need it. We’re looking forward to seeing the results of our tool in their capable hands.”

If you’re interested in becoming a global partner, or want to learn more about Conductor, get in touch through phil@eight-wire.com.


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