Within Conductor, user permission levels are used to assign and restrict permissions within the tool, allowing account holders to manage what their team members are able to do within their account.

There are six privilege levels in Conductor, giving you a lot of control over who can do what. They are arranged as follows:


There are two ways you can assign roles: At an Account-Level and at a Project-Level.

Account Level Roles

Account level roles control the overall permissions a person has anywhere in Conductor.
There are four account-level roles:

  1. Reseller – resellers have access to everything, but only within their own account AND their child accounts (clients). This level of access is required in order for resellers to fully support their customers.
  2. Administrator – account admins can do everything a reseller can do but only within their own account. They can manage projects, add themselves into projects, add anyone within the account into projects. For an account admin to gain full access to a project, they must add themselves into the project first. However, reseller roles do not need to add themselves to get full access. They will have full access by default.
  3. Viewer – viewers can view everything within the account, but they can’t manage anything by default. They can’t add users, or remove users, they can’t add projects, delete projects, etc. They can just view what projects exist within an account, and see the overview of each project.
  4. User – users cannot do anything by default. They’re the lowest level of roles. They need project-level roles to be able to do anything. They need to be added to projects by account admins or project admins, then they can perform actions.

Project Level Roles

Project level roles are used to manage who has access to each individual project.

There are three project-level roles:

  1. Administrator – when a user has a project admin role, they can manage the project. They can add users, remove users, create data stores, processes, run processes etc. Users with a Reseller role already have this level of access and do not need to be specifically added to the project.
  2. Author – authors can manage processes and process groups within a project. They cannot add users, datastores or agents. Only project-admins can add datastores, users and agents to a project.
  3. Viewer – viewers of a project cannot manage the project. They can only view the overview tab within a project.

For more on projects, view the project help.

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