Data transfer experts Eight Wire have been awarded a five-year contract to build a data exchange, allowing New Zealand government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to more easily and securely share data.

Wellington-based Eight Wire will work with the Social Investment Unit to develop the data exchange. When fully implemented, the Microsoft Azure-powered exchange will help to safely and securely share government-held data to provide an evidence-based picture of what investments, interventions and support will help create better outcomes for New Zealanders.

What’s the benefit?

For the first time, data systems from the government’s social sector will be linked, including central agencies, NGOs and potentially organisations such as schools and healthcare providers.

The first phase of the data exchange (Prod-1) will enable system-wide two-way sharing of anonymised data. A requirement of being awarded this contract was that the transferred data remained solely within New Zealand.

Co-founder and CEO Jason Gleason says Eight Wire will achieve this by using its application that seamlessly moves millions of rows of data between separate organisations. “Our capability to network thousands of data stores automatically relies on the power of Microsoft Azure. With Azure Virtual Machines and Azure Autoscale, we can automatically scale to meet increasing data needs.”

Eight Wire was awarded the contract following a competitive tender process.  The contract has regular milestone reviews to ensure the data exchange remains fit-for-purpose.

Gleason says being awarded the contract is validation of Eight Wire’s vision. “From the beginning we wanted to remove the barriers to sharing data at scale.”

Security by default

Ryan McGee, director, Security Product Marketing, Microsoft Corp. said, “The high availability, global scale and enterprise-grade security of Microsoft Azure benefit Eight Wire’s customers as they mitigate complex data exchange challenges. We are pleased to see Eight Wire’s commitment to Microsoft as it improves service delivery for its customers.”  

Eight Wire was founded by Gleason and Nigel Thomas in 2013 to deal with the risk and challenges of exchanging data between data systems.

“From day one, we focused on the security and risk challenges that large enterprises face.” continues Jason. “Over the years we have built an innovative product to allow our customers a scalable and secure way to exchange data between silos.”


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