27 01, 2017

If your enterprise cloud software isn’t boasting about security, you should be worried

Over the last 2 months we have been working on bringing our product up to the standard required by the NZISM. We have found it’s easy to say that you build software with security in mind. It’s another thing entirely to dig into every service and lock them down. From starting our own internal assessments, […]

27 10, 2015

LaunchScale 2015 – What I learned

image (1)

Having traveled 16 hours to attend the 2015 Launch Scale event in San Francisco, I was keen to capitalize on the value of the two day event. As winners of our local 2015 IBM SmartCamp competition we were invited along with 9 other global semi-finalists to attend, […]

1 10, 2015

This is how easy data migration pricing should be

At Eight Wire, we’ve always taken the stance that data migration can, and should, be easy. For us, that includes pricing.

From what I’ve seen, this belief isn’t widely held by other data migration/integration companies. Usually, pricing is hidden, subject to any number of unnecessary conditions and additional charges.

I recently […]

30 09, 2015

Eight Wire selected to fly to Silicon Valley as semi-finalist in IBM SmartCamp


After topping the 2015 IBM SmartCamp in Auckland, Wellington company Eight Wire has been selected from 30 winners around the world to compete at the semi-finals in San Francisco.

The data integration specialist was one of five IT startups from around New Zealand invited by IBM to […]

29 09, 2015

Partnering with Australia based integration consultants, Nexright


Australian based systems integrator Nexright is the newest to join Eight Wire’s global network of partners.

The company, which specialises in “harnessing disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Infrastructure and Security” is perfectly placed to […]

31 08, 2015

Hadoop Hive and Netezza – relational databases for serious performance

Beta connectors for both Hadoop Hive and PureData for analytics (Netezza) are now available on Conductor. If you’re interested in moving data in or out of Hive or Netezza, this overview of their setup, the benefits of both, and how their Conductor connectors work should help you make a decision...

19 08, 2015

Move only the data you need, when you need it

Banks, hydroplants, factories, retailers, manufacturers. So many organisations deal with masses of essential new data daily. Making use of that data often requires moving it to a central location as it’s collected...

6 08, 2015

Building a Meaningless Existence – Data Anonymization Part 2

In a previous post, I talked about the challenges facing anyone attempting to strip the meaning from data without losing its context or immediate usefulness. If your data contains sensitive information...

27 07, 2015

Lose your identity, not your mind

Have you ever considered taking your production data and copying it into your test system so your developers and testers have ‘real’ data to play with?...

14 07, 2015

Data integration to and from DocumentDB and PureData

Conductor has two new connectors. DocumentDB and PureData for Analytics (formerly known as Netezza)...