23 09, 2015

Edit a Process


Modify a Process

A ‘process’ is a description of how to move data from one place to another. This page shows everything for a single process.

A number of options are available on the side bar. These include:

  • Start – execute this process (move data from source to destination).
  • Preview – similar to Start but data is not written […]
23 09, 2015

New Process


Creating New Processes

From – To

On this page you choose a data store in both the From and the To columns. The store chosen in the From column will be the source, while the store chosen in the To column will be the destination. If you choose an untitled store the options under this name […]

23 09, 2015

Process Page


The processes page is where you can begin new processes and also manage, organize and delete old ones.

A Process determines when, where and how you want to move your data. It is tells Conductor what to map and where to map it.

Manage Your Processes

The Processes page is where you can organize your processes.

Process Groups

Processes are […]

23 09, 2015

Process Group


Edit Process Group

Process Groups are convenient containers to group processes under. Process groups also provide scheduling and execution sequencing for when you want to run several processes together.

Side Bar

On the side bar, you can perform a numbers of actions:

Execute: execute all processes in the the Process Group
Duplicate: Make a copy of the entire process group […]