1 10, 2015

This is how easy data migration pricing should be


At Eight Wire, we’ve always taken the stance that data migration can, and should, be easy. For us, that includes pricing.

From what I’ve seen, this belief isn’t widely held by other data migration/integration companies. Usually, pricing is hidden, subject to any number of unnecessary conditions and additional charges.

I recently […]

15 07, 2014

Cloudant Migration As Easy As Pie


Cloudant is an amazing database-as-a-service platform. With features such as geospatial and search support, Cloudant can provide developers with powerful features out of the box and is scalable to hold as much data as you can throw at it...

11 07, 2014

Eight Wire Completes Seed Round to Fund NZ and Overseas Growth


Eight Wire announced today that it has completed a seed round of investment to fund growth and market expansion. The round was funded by a group of friends and high net worth individuals in Wellington that have been engaged with Eight Wire from its founding in mid-2013...